Check Point Cloud Guard SaaS

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Cloud Email Security & Office Suite Protection

Preventing zero-day threats from attacking your cloud mailboxes and Microsoft Office suites.

  • Office 365 phishing prevention
  • Identity protection
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Stop Phishing Attacks

Your mailboxes are the front door into your organization. Targeted phishing schemes steal $300B from businesses every month. Stop phishing schemes and business email compromise with CloudGuard SaaS.

Our Office 365 security solution prevents zero-day attacks with a cost effective, simple to implement solution.

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Office 365 Email Security

CloudGuard SaaS acts as the last line of defense, protecting your mailboxes from the vulnerabilities of built in Office 365 email security. Use artificial intelligence to detect malicious content heading for your email accounts and block sophisticated phishing schemes that bypass traditional email security solutions.

Catch More Phishing Attacks on Office365 and Gmail

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